Your never too young to Boogie, fun filled dance sessions for all ages

  Boogie Tots® 

Shake what your mama gave you!! A Funky Dance Class for all abilities, learn MTV inspired Routines!!


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Through the rest of November if you book 10 sessions you will receive £10 off
Simply select your classes like you normally would and when 10 are selected an automatic discount is applied and £10 is taken off the total
This offer starts today and finishes 30th November.
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Ts & Cs
* Offer ends midnight 30/11/22
* Offer includes all Boogie tots classes at all locations.
* Parties and special events are excluded from this offer.
* If you are unable to make a class you have 2 chances       to reschedule a booking to a different date.
* No refunds are given on class purchases.

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I am Sammie and I help build children’s confidence through dance by providing fun, active, engaging dance sessions that encourage children to express themselves freely and independently join in, so that they can improve their motor skills, keep active and use up some energy.

Boogie tots is a fun, energetic dance class best suited to walking to 5s, it is full of fun, great music, action nursery rhymes, classic party dances and much more.
It’s aim is to create connections, encourage bonding, interaction and build confidence. They are fully inclusive dance sessions where children are encouraged to express themselves freely.

Do you feel like you don't fit in at other toddler groups? 
Does your child get looks because they run around too much and not follow the session?

Come to Boogie Tots and you will fit right in, we welcome freedom of expression and encourage the children to be themselves.

We also know being a parent is tough, so come and have a break for an hour, dance away some stress, enjoy the atmosphere and make some equally tired but wonderful friends, who know exactly what you are going through and won't judge you even if your child takes their child's toy

If you are looking for your people, we are all here at Boogie Tots

The parent and toddler classes take place in Minster on Sea, Milton and Sittingbourne


Welcome to the home of Boogie Tots Parent and Toddler Dance Classes, Boogie Crew After School Clubs, Boogie Dance Parties and Boogie Fit 

Whatever age you are, old or young come and get your groove on at a Boogie Class near you!!

Sessions are £6 with additional children £3

 Tuesdays in Milton, Sittingbourne

10.00am - 11.00am

Wednesdays at Lakeview Hall, Great Easthall

10.00am - 11.00am

Fridays at Thistlehill Community Centre, Minster

10.00am - 11.00am



My daughter does 2 sessions of Boogie tots a week as she is lucky enough to have Sammie come to her nursery for a session too, she would do go every day if she could she absolutely Loves it!!! Sammie has a great way way with children and gets everybody up and enjoying themselves. highly recommend for building your children's confidence aswell. such a great class to get involved in 💃😊

Bonnie Mcquillan

I love boogie tots because all my children love Sammie, the familiar music and sequences, the various props like parachutes and Pom poms.
Children learn to make friends, listen and understand to what is being said, develop gross motor skills aswell as improve their physical development all to music - there is no other session on the island that does this. Your doing a fab job Sammie

Uzma Anglin

I love boogie tots because Betsy loves it so much! It's great to see her so confident and singing along to all the songs'

Chloe Graham